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China National Network Security Permit

Who can apply to China National Network Security Permit ?

We can help to apply China National Network Security permit 公安部网络安全保卫局/全国公安机关互联网安全批號. If you are not familiar with the China Government procedure, it may cost you triple and long waiting time, Our China team is more familar with the procedures and many successful cases. Call +852.23700993 for more detail ...

What is China National Network Security Permit (公安部网络安全保卫局, 公安机关备案)?

According to China National network security law (National Police Force Law Order #33)

All internet service provider, Cloud Server, Content Provider, Push Message Server, Communications Server, Media Server, Mobile App portal ... all need to apply National Network Security Permit to fullfill National Network Security Law.

计算机信息网络国际联网安全保护管理办法(公安部第33号令) 京ICP备05070602号